An irresistible book for daredevils

An irresistible book for daredevils

Full of facts, awesome reptile photos and funny illustrations

Reptiles have been around for hundreds of millions of years, but to this very day they do not have the best reputation. Wrongfully so, believes Sterrin Smalbrugge. Reptiles are indispensable to nature. Moreover, they are incredibly fascinating. Did you know for example that the king cobra is the only snake in the world that makes a nest for her children? That the gecko is a true Spider-Man because of his cool legs? And that the venom of the Gila monster (a big lizard) is used in medicine to treat diabetes type 2?

Including illustrations by Wendy Panders and photos by reptile photographer Matthijs Kuijpers
The book is currently only available in Dutch. We hope to translate the book in the future. 


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