2019 – Mesopredators in South Africa

Sterrin hopes to start her PhD on mesopredators and the effect on zoonotic diseases in 2019. This research will take place in South Africa. Mesopredators comprise a large group of medium sized carnivores that, to some extent, eat rodents. Because of their diet, these animals could potentially have an effect on the spreading of zoonotic diseases, since rodents often carry and spread diseases to humans. Sterrin wants to research these relationships and is currently still looking for funding. If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

2018 – Crocodiles and climate change in Ivory Coast

Crocodiles are cold blooded animals and therefore their distribution and demographics could potentially be greatly affected by climate change. Sterrin collected data in Ivory Coast and collected additional data from previous studies, to build a model that shows the potential impact of climate change on the distribution of the four West-African crocodile species. This research is a collaboration between Sterrin and Project Mecistops.

2017-2018 Reptiles and habitat characteristics in South Africa

For this project, Sterrin studied the relationship between habitat characteristics and the abundance and diversity of reptiles. This research took place in Limpopo, South Africa. The study revealed that rocks are a crucial habitat characteristic for reptiles and that the chosen survey method can have significant effects on the study outcome.